Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week 5 Responses

Response to Neeru:

It's funny because when your dealing with little girls, things that make them more like women are deemed acceptable. Like using words like sexy or babe. Or skinny jeans for 7 year olds. Halter tops for toddlers. Its shameful how we encourage little girls-or even babies in this case-to be viewed and treated as women already. That explains why girls have such a hard time in adolescents! As far as the twins getting dressed alike-well its both lazy and superficial. What a way to limit your children right! If mommy's lucky they'll even think alike and she can limit her arguments. I recently substituted in a class where the twin boys were dressed alike and I felt so bad for them- they were both unique and special in their own way and they deserved to be able to show that. Instead they were grouped together on numerous occasions because teachers can't help it-when they already look alike and dress alike its hard to differentiate. It makes me sad!

Response to Mario's comment:

In response to your question- it is a fair one. But I have to wonder, if men AND women are drafted for the war who will be home taking care of the economy, jobs, and our children? I also think physically you'd have a lot more women that don't qualify for the war, so now you have a bunch of people being drafted that basically have to be weeded through even harder than the other group. Am I suggesting women are less capable- overall I'd say yes. Just like our book says-women are nurturers and communicators. Where is there room for that in war? It takes a special kind of women to serve in war and I think drafting would just make it harder to find them.

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