Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week 4 comments

Response to Ashley:

John and Kate Plus 8 is NOTORIOUS for making men look like helpless bums. From Kate's side remarks during interviews to the skewed images you see of John doing nothing. It really is very backwards in that sense. You would think that a wholesome family show like that would make a better effort to show things for how they really are-crazy and hectic for everyone. If you ever catch an episode where they do show John spending time with the family, it's a beautiful thing. He is very capable of getting the kids dressed, feeding them, even putting them to bed, and things in the house still function safely and normally. It's crazy how tv really keeps John in the underdog light!

Response to Neeru:

Neeru, Do you feel it would have been possible to clarify your position in the relationship and then maintain a friendship? It seems to me your right, no matter what the issue will come up. I just believe that people can move on from those feelings and sustain meaningful friendships with boundaries. I speak from my own experience so I partial. And I'm like Chris where I've had my friendships since I was young, so maybe he's right-maybe developing them at a young age makes them less vulnerable to sexuality issues. I just feel like your missing out on a very insightful and meaningful experience by not having male friends. Don't give up-you'll meet someone who will be mature enough to handle your friendship in a strictly platonic manner!

Response to Ilia:

I think you are so right when you touched on the fact that self esteem plays a major role in what clouds your judgment. The thing with me, and maybe all females who knows-is the level of honesty that exists in a relationship. If my boyfriend has female friends that he hasn't said one word to me about-then I think something is funny. If someone is really your friend wouldn't they come up in conversation with your significant other? Maybe I'm wrong... but if he's open with me about his friendships, then I have no reason to think it's anything else. As a woman I do worry that their friendships will reach that point where sex may come up. But I have to have faith that my boyfriend will make his position clear and that they can carry on a friendship. What do yo do when people don't get the hint though? Friendships can go wrong and before you know it you could have a stalker... maybe a little extreme but you never know!

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