Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Final Blog

So this week I was shopping in Toys R Us when I noticed something very interesting. There is a video game line for Nintendo DS that is targeted for little girls-its called Imagine That or Imagine Me. Girls get to play having a life of certain professions- and which ones do you think they had for girls?? School teacher, baby sitter, FASHION DESIGNER, and family doctor. Ok I'll give the doctor one kudos but I'm sure it's not the top seller. Lets instead encourage little girls to be caregivers or to use their talents designing clothes. Forget the millions of other professions women have-corporate CEO, government representatives, labor worker, etc etc. Those ones are no fun so we shouldn't design a video game to encourage those kinds of professions. This really ticked me off and I think it's sad how we limit little girls in every possible way. I hope someone out there has seen other professions offered by this game so I can sleep at night!


  1. Sarah - this was one of the most disturbing things I found in my final research project on Gendered Advertising. Not only are little girls being pigeon-holed into very old stereotypes, but grown successful women are being marketed to like their only role is homemaker or wife, just like back in the 1950's! One thing is obvious, none of the executives or people in charge of these products have taking this course with Prof. M - and they need to!

  2. It is interesting how often we look at advertising as a way of creating and promoting certain gendered roles with women. It was so cool that you found something so subtle. How many more messages are out there in other toys or tv shows, movies, textbooks that continue to understate a woman's potential? My three year old daughter is becoming interested in Barbie dolls now, yet, I have not found a barbie that dresses up as a postal worker, construction worker, or even a professor (like me!)....Barbie is still wearing high heels and mini hard hats or work boots yet! I intend on paying attention to her text books once she starts grade school. I am interested to see what gendered messages are in her history book! Thanks for some great thoughts this semester and participating so thoughtfully in our blog discussions! Have a wonderful summer break!