Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 3 comments

Shaina, I feel your pain! It's very hard in this world we live in to understand if we as women are being caretakers because we throughly enjoy the rewarding ecperience of taking care of family, or because society has put this idea in our head that this is where we should be. It's confusing at times to be yourself if that mean helping and taking care of others yet still feel liberated and independent.It's like the two things can't exist together. This has been an ongoing problem for women and I wish I could help you find an answer. All I can say is be yourself, whoever that may be. Ans whether your labeled independent or whatever doesn't matter. I have a full household (boyfirend, 2 kids, and a dog!)I take of all by myself so when I get looks from friends because I dish my boyfirend's plate I think Oh well! I'd like to see them do what I do in one day!!

I think because of the ambiguous titles given for women(Ms, Mrs, ect) your almost in a no win situation. No matter which route you take some woman out there will be offended by not being called the right name. I use to work in daycare and one thing I liked about it is that all the children refer to their teachers as Miss and use their first name. In this situation marital status is irrelevant so you can never offend anyone. I use to work in the customer service field too(and will be returning shortly)and one problem I always had was with calling women ma'am. I thought it was respectful and helpful but I had a few women bite my head off for it. They felt ma'am is related to age and that I was insulting that. Go figure. I guess you really never can tell how to safely refer to another woman except maybe to use Miss. It's neutral, it's polite, and it gets the job done!

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  1. Sarah, I understand your concerns, that's funny you mentioned " It's a man's world" now Sarah you know that everything is centered around a man or haven't you heard? They have been ruling the planet since the beginning of time. A man was here on earth first and the women followed and that's why he thinks he's superior over her and reminds her of this fact everyday through his thoughts, words and deeds. Sarah did you know that he's the ultimate decision maker? that's why he is the one the people call on to solve their problems, it's a given. Sarah hang in there,their power will be transferred to you eventually because their attention span will let them down and send them in another direction, and as usual "You" being a woman will be there taking over where they left off. Does this sound familiar. Here's the reality of the situation, you are probably still feeling the reprocussion of your last stay in the electronic and appliance industry or establishment, and you will find gender issues that can be solved by you eventually, give it time. The only reason people want to speak to a man is, they feel that they have a better chance of getting what they want from them. Don't take it personally and welcome back to the working world.