Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week 2

This weeks Eureka moment came for me while over viewing the DB question. I realized I live such a sheltered life because half of the mentioned names for insulting sexes used ever come out of my mouth. And I'm fortunate enough to have friends and family that don't refer to each other as "bitch"-as a lot of females who are friends do- or any name rather. I know a lot of people use these words in everyday language and I agree that it is so demeaning. Why-especially women cause when we abuse each other that really upsets me- why do we feel the need the need to degrade each other? Is it for the entertainment of men? Is it because we are so use to men using these words that we can't find anyother words to use? It's just really upsetting to me. Women-lets respect eachother a little bit more and try to refrain from calling eachother names. We're not bitches, and from one women to the next we all know what sort of issues we have that make us a little short tempered, so lets be more sympathetic to that. So to all my ladies in the class, if you call your girlfriends bitch, try to find another word that doesn't bring us down to a lower level. We're better than that!

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  1. Hi Sarah P-
    I appreciate your call to all women to not use harsh names with eachother. Kudos for seeing the need to confront this. Though I have not utilized these names for my friends, I realized that many people use harsh names for eachother in order to express their angst. They are unable to describe what truly bothers them about someone (which I have done for people who are not my friends), and just settle for name calling. I believe we all should learn how to better identify our feelings so we know what hurts us, instead of reverting to caveman behavior of grunting and name calling.